Carmel Cahill is Deputy Director in OECD’s Directorate for Trade and Agriculture where she is responsible for a wide range of strategic planning, coordination and communication activities covering food, agriculture and international trade issues. During her career at OECD she has led teams of international economists and policy analysts on a broad range of policy issues relating to food and agriculture and to international trade. She is responsible for liaison with Business at OECD. She is currently contributing to efforts to counter anti-trade and anti-globalisation sentiment and advising governments about how trade can be made to work for the benefit of all and how those benefits can be communicated more effectively.

Carmel Cahill is Irish and before joining OECD, she held various positions in the Irish Ministries of Agriculture and Finance. She holds B.A. and Master of Arts degrees in Economics from University College, Cork and a Master of Science degree in Statistics from Trinity College, Dublin.